Plan your city trip

Collect all locations like cool bars, cute shops or delicious restaurants.

Your personal map

Collect your locations of your city trip in your personal map.

Print your map

Print your map and take it with you. Avoid roaming abroad!


How it works

How it works - plan your city trip

Collect your tips in one list

Plan your city trip with all places and sights you want to visit. Collect tips from your friends, from your favorite travelguide or any other website.
Save everything in one place.

How it works - plan your city trip

Plan your city trip – your personal map

By collecting your locations, they automatically appear on your personal map. (Coming soon: Mark favorites and categorize your locations).
Don’t forget cool locations you want to visit

How it works - plan your city trip

Print your personal travel guide

Print your map with your favorite locations and avoid expensive roaming costs.
Print the map of your city trip and put it in your pocket.

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My Trip Map offers you the chance to plan your city trip in the easiest way. Collect all your city tips in one map and take it with you. All the best Restaurants, Bars, Museum and beautiful sights in one map. Planning your next city trip has never been so easy. Collect tips from your friends in one map and enjoy your trip!

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